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[Pd] Shimai | Sisters (League of Legends) [English]

This comics consists of a single lesbian sex episode. It gives a an entirely new meaning to “sisters”. The women in this scene don’t look like each other, however they are together and they are very happy together! What if all the conflicts within the world of “league of Legends” could be resolved by this beautiful method!

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The Fall of Irelia (League of Legends) [English]

Imprisoned and shackled, Irelia is now little more than a living fucktoy guards who are using her on apretty often. However, it appears that she is doing this new role much better than what she did in the battlefield, or else she would never have ended up in this position the first time around! You can find more sexy stories on the “League of legends” and is available on our website.

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Bonus Book Summer 2010

Here you will find few sketches and few bonus pages which will allow you to take a look at Rei Ayanami from a completely new side: this time she won’t be shy and skinny gal from “Neon Genesis Evangelion” – this tme she will turn into extra curvy slut who simply can’t say ‘no’ to any big hard cock (and since she looks like that it should be obvious that she is having boners around her all the time)!

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Ushiwakamaru Will Do Her Best to Relieve Master’s Frustrated Cock

When hot and fit chick is showing her fighting moves being dressed in sexy bikini swimsuti it can end up only in one way – her boyrfriend is going to get hard and he will fuck her again and again no matter what exactly round they are having today in a row! And yes, beautiful Ushiwakamaru from popular “Ftae Stay Night” universe knows it all from her own personal experience!

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Shinryuu Hanayome

The elven chick looks cute and hot, and our brave hero is willing to marry her! There will be many attempts to have children where there’s a marriage! Even though oral sex may not be the most effective method to reach this goal, it can be the best method to begin their journey! The characters are based on those from “Fire Emblem”.

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Ride on Shooting Star [English]

The look is done by a long hairdo, beautiful bodycurves, and a leather outfit. Even the most groovy-looking blindfold won’t keep our hero from wooing Medusa. She has learned how to make her appearance something that is more pleasing and in the near future, the two characters from “Fate/Stay Night” series will be fighting for supremacy in an everlasting fight.

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[Peach tea (Akina Rei)] Honey Punishment (Sword Art Online)

In the realm of virtual entertainment, it’s often not evident who is on opposite side of the Internet connection- a guy or gal. The second thought is that hentai-themed parodies starring anime characters seem to be identical with whome they want to have fun with. While this man was female-bendered, he did not say ‘no to some kinky funtime.

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LNR [MANGANA] [One Piece]

Being a pirate means you’re going away for a long time but eventually you’ll come back to your home. Redhead Nami, “One Piece” isn’t the only person who is eager to return home. She’s left plenty of big and tough cocks and cannot wait for them all to come back just like she did in good times.

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Zecchou Trans Poison

In this crossover parody comics you will not only get to see the female characters you love from popular fighting videogames like “Tekken” and “Street Fighter” butyou will be amazed by their gorgeous body curves. But that’s not the only thing – as some of the gals turn out to be a futanari, you can anticipate plenty of hot and kinky and hardcore action up ahead! Enjoy!

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Waifu Taxi [Accel Art] Moon – english

If you believe that a long ride with a character like Moon from “Pokemon” could be something quite boring, and boring, then you’ve probably not seen this comics yet – take a look at how the typical taxi ride with Moon goes and you will be tempted to take the same vehicle with her each and every time! You don’t have to be a huge enthusiast of pokemons to be able to enjoy this ride with a sweet brunette short story!

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