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LNR [MANGANA] [One Piece]

Being a pirate means you’re going away for a long time but eventually you’ll come back to your home. Redhead Nami, “One Piece” isn’t the only person who is eager to return home. She’s left plenty of big and tough cocks and cannot wait for them all to come back just like she did in good times.

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Zecchou Trans Poison

In this crossover parody comics you will not only get to see the female characters you love from popular fighting videogames like “Tekken” and “Street Fighter” butyou will be amazed by their gorgeous body curves. But that’s not the only thing – as some of the gals turn out to be a futanari, you can anticipate plenty of hot and kinky and hardcore action up ahead! Enjoy!

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Croxxx Over

May be not the most well-known, but definitely ones of the most popular fighting game girls are teaming up to present you with the show that’s entertaining in this hentai parody comics! This is a first-of-its-kind crossover that is a lesbian-themed one featuring beautiful Mai Shiranui from “King of Fighters”, neko the babe Felicia of “Dalkstalkers” and cutie Makoto Nanaya from “BlazBlue”!

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